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Unfolding Magik

Ethean Soul


This book is about all that exists. It delves into the heart of several beliefs, representing an entire life’s work rolled into one final chapter in which chaos, love and pain all come together. Being a part of the old religions has enriched my life immensely. Despite the fact that they all speak of an entity, a godly force that governs our lives, I wouldn’t part with any of them. Following only one faith wasn’t enough to satisfy my own beliefs!

I have been working with magik for over twelve years now, and also practising spiritualism for nine years, in addition to my experiences within the occult. What does that make me – a witch, a pagan, a spiritualist or a magician? Not at all. We do not need to be a part of any religion, cult or sect.

Our faith, our own beliefs, will guide us towards what our spirit longs for. We can agree with the practices of witchcraft but also value the key principles of spiritualism, that is ok too. God, or Goddess if you prefer, has many faces and your prayers will be answered. All you need is belief, not only in the role of the divine but, most importantly, belief in yourself.

Trusting in the divine and in yourself illuminates the connection between the worlds and creates a bridge of love and light which, my friend, is magik in itself. This book is titled Unfolding magik – learning to channel the power within because that is what magik is, in its purest form.




Unfolding Magik by Ethean Soul
Published : March 2009
Format : Trade Paperback
ISBN : 9781921362316
Publisher : Sidharta Publishers