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The Tobacco Pioneers

A Family History

This remarkable history celebrates the business skills, energy and determination of brothers, Peter and Michael Michelides, not only in their pioneering of the tobacco and cigarette manufacturing industry in Western Australia in the face of overwhelming odds, but also their leading roles in the development and growth of a vibrant Greek community in Perth.

Richly illustrated with photographs and documents from family archives and government and newspaper sources, the book is in two parts: Firstly their arduous journey from the small Greek island of Castellorizo via Egypt to Perth over a hundred years ago; the founding, growth and decline of their cigarette and tobacco empire, Michelides Ltd and their strong family and community involvement; secondly comprising dynamic biographies of their children, together with a detailed family tree.

This is a book of historical significance and rich heritage that details the struggles and triumphs of early Greek migration to Australia and for family and friends to reconnect with, or find their place in, the story of these two outstanding men.



Michelides Building



The Tobacco Pioneers - Michelides
ISBN: 9781925209686
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 450 pages
RRP: $50.00
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Biography -- History