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Murray-Darling Journeys

Angela Bremers
Mike Bremers

Two hundred years of significant rowing and paddling journeys
on the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin: 1817 to 2016

Murray-Darling Journeys explores the history of significant journeys in human-powered craft i.e. rowing and paddling journeys, on the rivers of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin over the last 200 years. This book provides a comprehensive listing of over 430 published accounts covering journeys of exploration, surveying journeys related to the paddle steamer trade, gold rush journeys, depression era journeys, recreational and fund raising journeys. It brings back to life long-forgotten journeys that are a reflection of the times in which they occurred. Each entry includes interesting facts about the journeys themselves and, where available, information about the fascinating characters involved in such journeys. Also included are a map, a list of river distances, a bibliography and an extensive list of references.

This book will appeal to people interested in a different aspect of the history of the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin. It will also appeal to canoeists, adventurers and those who dream of doing such journeys.



About the Authors

Lyn O'Rourke

Angela and Mike Bremers are daughter and dad.

Angela loves history. She has written a master’s thesis on the subject of this book. During her research for her thesis, she discovered many interesting stories about real people, past and present, on the rivers and thought that the people and their stories deserved a place in history. 

Mike has paddled his kayak along the length of the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers and parts of several other rivers mentioned in the book. As a dad, over the years, he often took his family along for the camping part of his journeys. He has encouraged many others who have wanted to travel the rivers.



Murray Darling



 by Angela Bremers & Mike Bremers
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