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My Hip Goddess

Dawn Atkin

A Midlife Awakening to the Wild Feminine Within

When your inner Goddess comes calling, will you be ready to listen?

Does your body feel like an aching, heavy, half-dead tree limb?

Do you squeeze your inner muse into eight-minute blocks timed by the oven clock and turning the lamb chops for dinner?

Do you long for the capacity to be wild, wondrous, open and loveable?


Your nest is empty, your children have flown, and you feel trapped at a midlife crossroads. Can a pestering inner Goddess help you with directions? But the Big ‘She’ might be a little too millennial, hippy-loo-la and naïve for your worldly persona. And what difference can She possibly make to your neglected body, to the throbbing hip overdue for replacement, or to the menopausal depression hovering?

The Goddess speaks through these pages—to you, to all women. It’s time to let her climb back into the pelvic saddle of your Body where She fits perfectly and belongs. Find your inner compass, unlock your tight hips and tune in for ‘the Big Reveal’.

Laugh, cry and be empowered. Darkly funny, this is a moody, provocative and poetic journey towards hip replacement, sisterhood and releasing your inner goddess.


Book Release: Mid 2018









My Hip Goddess by Dawn Atkin
ISBN: 978-1-925681-69-7
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: t.b.c. pages
RRP: t.b.c.
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Mind-Body-Spirit
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