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Kate Leeming

Breaking the Cycle in Africa

A world-first cycle expedition across Africa from Senegal to Somalia

The story of Kate Leeming’s astonishing 22,000-kilometre trek by bicycle across Africa – dodging rebels, insurgents and Somali pirates and exotic and dangerous wildlife while battling extreme conditions from desert to jungled terrain on non-existent roads and faint tracks, is more than a story of mental grit and physical endurance.

It is a fascinating exploration of African history: of powerful kings and forgotten empires; of sophisticated learned civilisations and intricate spiritual beliefs and traditions; of unimaginable exploitation of human life and the environment; of brutal politics and endemic corruption.

Through it all, the enduring spirit of the often-misnamed ‘Dark Continent’ shines brightly. Kate’s path is blessed with the smiles, the songs and dance and abounding kindness of people whose character remains uncrushed by the injustice of poverty.

Njinga, the story of Kate Leeming’s journey, continuously reveals the truth of Africa and its diverse people and cultures. It is a perspective that could only be gained on a bicycle, by an explorer who has cycled the equivalent of twice around the world at the Equator.

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Kate Leeming - Channel 7 interview

About the Author

Kate Leeming

Born in 1967 in Northam, Western Australia, Kate received her secondary education at Perth College. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Diploma of Education at the University of Western Australia. Kate’s first book, Out There and Back: the story of the 25,000-km Great Australian Cycle Expedition was published in 2007. She is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (UK) and a member of The Explorers’ Club (New York).
In between expeditions, Kate works as a senior professional at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club and is the current women’s world number two real tennis player.





Njinga by Kate Leeming
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