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No Flag is a Good Flag



No Flag is a Good Flag is a story for adults who sense that our freedoms are slowly being restricted, and who believe creative writing still has a place to defend them. The text is alive with psychological tension. At its heart is the concept of emancipation from malign narratives. The story is set in 2014, with Joe as one of its characters. He is a decorated 66-year-old Vietnam veteran with PTSD who runs The Rocking Chair Motel. A 12-room establishment located on a lonely West Texas highway. Travellers arrive, and each have a story they are unable to tell. Subjects addressed include the human cost of war, child abuse, pornography, the secret state, domestic violence, and racism. Graphic descriptive passages leave little to the imagination. The book is for the mature reader who can continue to think about disquieting material while continuing to trust in an author’s positive intention.  



About the Author

JCS was born in the United Kingdom and has lived in Western Australia for 12 years.  Since childhood he has been fascinated by books, and later the writing process itself. Existentialist literature is a particular interest. He has written two books and a collection of poems. ‘No Flag is a Good Flag’ his most recent work. With an interest in challenging writing, which has energy and relates to contemporary life, the focus of this latest story is cognitive development and the influence of positive and negative narratives on human psychology. 





No Flag is a Good Flag by JCS

ISBN: 978-1-922565-74-7
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 88 pages
RRP: $ 20.99 paperback / $7.99 eBook
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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