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The Notebooks of Leonardo


“The man in the dress is Leonardo from Vinci.
He wore a tunic
Was I his medium
Yes I was. And I loved him dearly..”

- “The Man in the Dress”
by Francesa, 2010.


When I look at the handwriting I am reminded of Leonardo’s signature of Leonari on the drawing of the bear 104a. It is rounded, legible and full bodied.

I will not alter it, as I think Leonardo himself added the written notes.
I therefore am determined the work should not be edited, but each page photographed as it is.

It is, in effect, another Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci.
Francesa, 2011.

Is the automatic script in the psychic’s handwriting?
“Not always. Sometimes the handwriting can be identified as that of someone who has died. Mediums who write automatically often have two or more spirit guides, each with a characteristic script.”
Taken from ‘The Book Of Psychic Knowledge’
by Herbert Greenhouse.



Notebooks of Leonardo by Francesa
Published : August 2011
Format : PB A4-format 342pp
RRP: $34.95
ISBN : 9781921787546
Publisher : VIVID Publishing

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