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An Older Person's Guide
to Travelling Lightly

Pat Reynolds

Strange Happenings in a Sabah Rainforest

A child missing is said to be a parent’s worst nightmare; however, what if a parent, or grandparent, has disappeared without trace in the jungle in a foreign country? Robert’s mother is on holiday in Sabah, Malaysia, when the Tour bus she is in is hijacked and all on board are taken hostage – all except his mother – so where is she now?

While Robert and his sister, Kate, are desperate for news of her whereabouts, their mother has escaped in the bus and followed the hijackers to a lodge deep in the rainforest. Here she meets an elderly professor and his wife, the unfriendly Alicia, a group of young men employed by the lodge and a number of other interesting rainforest inhabitants. This novel is a humorous account of the travels of an elderly woman in a little known but scenic part of the world, and shows how, more by accident than design, her actions lead to unexpected outcomes for all concerned.

Essential reading for all senior travellers.


About the Author

Patricia Reynolds is a Western Australian. She has a masters degree in anthropology and worked for many years in education policy and research. She has published a biography of Edmund Stirling, an early WA pioneer and editor of one of the state’s first newspapers. Patricia is married with four children and has travelled widely.


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An Older Person's Guide to Travelling Lightly by Pat Reynolds


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