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Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis

Dr. P. P. Flambas

A Scientific Explanation of Plato's Atlantis Story

‘Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis’ provides a scientific explanation for the greatest and most misunderstood archaeological mystery of any era – the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

In his two works, the ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’, the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote in about 360 BCE about a powerful Atlantean empire that existed over eleven thousand years ago. Plato described an extensive empire based on an enormous Atlantic Island located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlanteans were involved in a war with the people of the Mediterranean but natural disasters eventually destroyed the Atlantic Island, which sank beneath the sea and disappeared.

Plato’s Atlantis story continues to intrigue people to the present day. Up to now, the thousands of books written about Atlantis have tried to interpret the details Plato described, with hundreds of theories proposed for its location. All of these past interpretations and theories have attempted to explain a few parts of Plato’s story but do not explain the entire story.

‘Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis’ claims that Plato believed the Atlantis story was true and what he wrote was not his invention or a myth. He wrote an accurate account of Atlantis that had been recorded for thousands of years before his time. By using current scientific knowledge of the past, every detail of Plato’s story is explained so that one can picture a real Atlantis and its empire. The book’s conclusions may cause a radical rethinking of the origin of human civilisation and the geological processes that have shaped humanity.

About the Author

Dr. P.P. Flambas

Dr Phil Flambas was born in Sydney, Australia in 1953. He attended the University of NSW medical school, graduating as a doctor in 1978. In his early twenties, he went to Sri Lanka as a medical student for a few months and combined it with backpacking through India and Nepal. After he graduated, Phil worked as a hospital doctor in England to gain extra qualifications to be a country GP back in Australia. During his time away from Australia, he spent several months backpacking in Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Egypt and saw the remains of those ancient cultures first-hand.

After returning to Australia and practising medicine as a country GP for some years, Phil became interested in the commercialisation of new technologies and wanted a change of career. He returned to Sydney and became the Managing Editor of a long-established medical journal. Realising that he needed more business knowledge to achieve his goals in technology transfer, Phil left medical publishing. He then began a full-time two-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) course at the University of NSW, graduating in 1992. Since then, Phil has worked as a hospital administrator, management consultant and equities analyst, supplemented at times with part-time medical work. Due to family commitments, he returned to full-time medical practice as a skin cancer surgeon for the past eighteen years and is due to retire soon. In his spare time, he researched and wrote about Plato’s Atlantis story for the past ten years.

To adequately explain all of Plato’s numerous descriptions, Phil utilised his scientific foundations as a doctor, his analytical training from the MBA and its application as a management consultant and equities analyst. Because of his analytical experience, he was able to study hundreds of research papers in specialised areas including Ancient History, Archaeology, Human Prehistory, Palaeontology, Climate Science and Geology.

Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis joins together all of these diverse academic disciplines into a coherent explanation of Plato’s Atlantis story. Of course, Phil would like to be involved in any search and discovery linked to his book’s radical conclusions.






Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis - A Scientific Explanation of Plato's Atlantis Story by Dr. P.P. Flambas


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