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Playing God

Benjamin Nowland

Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Playing God guides us through the invisible

Benjamin Nowland moved to inner city Sydney in 2013 and soon after experienced acute symptoms of electromagnetic radiation pollution sickness. His physical, mental and spiritual health were profoundly affected. The only place he functioned was away from Wi-Fi, towers and mobile devices in a Zero EMF Sanctuary.   

In his search for truth Ben questioned the suppression of scientific evidence. He asked why adverse health effects of Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and telco and NBN microwave towers are not shared with the public? Microwaves are altering our DNA 24/7. What don’t telcos and mobile manufacturers want us to know?

In what he called the Sydney EMF Experiment he used himself as the subject to correlate effects of electromagnetic radiation. Insights were substantiated with extensive research. Tens of thousands of dollars in products and mainstream and alternative therapies were tested during his two-year journey.

Playing God provides a streamlined path to discover the invisible. It delivers clear revelations around electromagnetic radiation to enable optimal physical and mental health and to inspire empowered action.


'You have a quirky sense of humour and you use this exceptionally well throughout the book alongside explaining complex concepts in a clear and simple way...The content of what you share is brilliant.'
International publisher

'Occasionally a book comes along and rocks you to the core, making you question everything you thought you knew: Playing God is one of those books. Thought-provoking and controversial...'Living Now

'Playing GOD was a fascinating read on so many levels. It raised important questions and addressed a profoundly relevant topic. Without a scientific background I found it easy to understand and enjoyed the mix of personal story and scientific information. Playing GOD offered practical and digestible suggestions and as a mother I am inspired to implement them for the future health of my family.' – LA









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About the Author

Benjamin Nowland

BENJAMIN NOWLAND (Honours Mechanical Engineer, Grad. Cert. Environmental Management, Cert. IV Training and Assessment, Certified Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher) shares original perspectives on health and spirituality. Ben is the best-selling author of Playing GOD Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation – a book created to stretch perceptions whilst easily digested by the householder. He has spent two decades exploring human potential, the infinite and eternal. His writing conveys revelations with rawness and simplicity. Ben’s early material success segued into a cataclysmic 12-month period during which he lost health, wealth and relationships. He needed the shake-up and profound healing insights were received. Ben now supports others on their journey of transformation. He loves working with groups along with one-on-one healing consultation work through Dharam House.



Inside the book

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Playing God : Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation by Benjamin Nowland
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