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How to get 100%+ funding for your next publishing project

1. Familiarise yourself with the ‘Pozible’ concept - Australia’s No.1 crowdfunding platform for creatives.

2. Read Kate Toon’s experiences + her post “THE SECRET TO POZIBLE SUCCESS” on her website.

3. Fill out the Quote Request form below - we will send you costings and options available so you are armed with all the costs and specs required when posting your project to Pozible.

4. Post & promote your project on Pozible!

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The odds of succeeding with your campaign are ten times higher once you reach about half of your goal.

While this is somewhat self-fulfilling (only popular campaigns get that far anyway), it actually points to an irrational part of human nature: we don’t want to back a loser.

Irrational because it costs nothing to pledge to a campaign that doesn’t meet its goal, any more than it costs anything to vote for a political candidate who loses.

The cost isn’t money–the cost is heartbreak. Once you’ve committed, cognitive dissonance gets louder, and if a campaign ultimately doesn’t work, it hurts.

Two lessons:
1. It’s important to create inevitability around the projects you launch, wherever you launch them.
2. One way to appear inevitable is to set a lower minimum threshold for success. Setting a huge number feels bold and even macho, but it’s clear that your fans would prefer to pile on after you’ve reached your goal, not sweat or be begged to be sure you reach it in the first place.



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Pozible funding for book publishing

"It's simple. Pozible + Vivid Publishing = Self publishing success. The support I received from both companies was amazing and I'm so grateful to them for helping my book dream come true!" - Kate Toon.

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Kate Toon amused the 200-strong audience at the "Let’s Talk Crowdfunding" session in Sydney with her witty anecdotes and offered her thoughts on crowdfunding and self-publishing. Kate’s Pozible campaign exceeded double her funding goal, which will has helped her publish and promote her poetry book “Gone Dotty”, with assistance from Vivid Publishing.


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