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The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom

Brian Johnson

Your essential companion to understanding the media ... and how to use it

What you have in your hands is a key.  Your key to the world of the most cost-effective public profile possible.

A user-friendly blend of the how to and wherefore of PR.  Of practical instruction and philosophy, forged in the real world.  And a fun read at that!

Understanding the media, and how to engage with it, is a distinct competitive advantage.  Done right, it can change your future for the better.

This book is your toolkit to making it happen.

At a time when the media is morphing by the day, ‘The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom’ is a touchstone for PR professionals, students and novices alike.

It is a reminder that universal truths still apply, regardless of the form of information delivery.




About the Author

Brian Johnson is an award-winning journalist, News Director, on-air presenter, producer, narrator, foreign correspondent and documentary maker.

He has worked for radio, television, magazines, newspapers and websites, and provides media training for those looking to lift their public profile.

Brian has won his country’s highest award for journalism, and has provided editorial PR services to a diverse range of leading organisations in the private and public sector.  From 60 Minutes to the National Trust.

He has been a consultant to various government agencies.

As a journalist, Brian spent many years rejecting most of the media releases he received – with barely the blink of an eye.

He doesn’t want that happening to you.












The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom by Brian Johnson
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ISBN: 978-1-925952-13-1 (eBook)
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Extent: 240 pages
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