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Roxanne Holmes

My Extraordinary Life

“Give me everything in the till. Notes only! Don’t make me nervous or I’ll shoot!”  
The waitress handed me twenty dollars. I fled back to the car and John hightailed it outta there.

At seventeen she was living in an old car, fleeing across the Australian desert, committing  armed robberies to please the convicted child molester who had  ‘befriended her’. Taking handfuls of drugs to block out her memories of an abused childhood, life was on the streets, years in and out of mental institutions, cold and hungry days on the run, and panic attacks in jail.

Slashing herself was the only thing Roxanne knew to do even when the drugs could not keep the terror at bay. Living with severe dissociative disorder, and a lifetime of abuse. Her abusers broke her down, before she had chance to build herself up. 

Roxanne is a fascinating, sometimes confronting, insight into a life most of us will only hear about fleetingly on the six o’clock news. There’s always more to the story - this is Roxanne’s.


Today Tonight's 'Self-Harm' episode with Roxanne:


About the Author

Roxanne Holmes currently resides in Sydney, Australia with her daughter Ari. Roxanne's interests are in changing the stigma within the current mental health system, law reform, and is passionate about civil/ human rights. As a committed Christian, Roxanne guides young women who experience mental health and teen issues through her own ministry. Roxanne's testimony of her survival and ongoing journey will continue to inspire through the release of her next book, Meet me at the Cross, due for release later this year. Once you enter her world you will be shocked but ultimately inspired.






Roxanne - My Extraordinary Life by Roxanne Holmes
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ISBN: 9781925086751
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 228 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian True Crime
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