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Rural Living Handbook

Bernie Webb

Revised 2nd Edition

Ever wished your property came with a handbook or an instruction book explaining some of the more important differences between suburban living and living in a rural or semi-rural location?
• Wondered if you were cut out to own and care for livestock and what your legal and moral obligations might be?
• Considered purchasing a tractor or ride-on mower but have no idea what all the different features are for?
• Need to purchase a chainsaw, but don’t know what size is best?
• What are the dangers (if any) of the additional wildlife you will come in contact with in a rural setting?

These questions and many more have been answered in a friendly and informative approach by first time author Bernie Webb. Bernie and his wife Hazel moved to a special-rural area of Perth WA nearly 30 years ago, with virtually no inkling of the additional knowledge they would have to quickly acquire, to enable them to successfully adapt to their new rural environment.

Bernie has run his small business, ‘Redgum Rural Services’ since 1994 and was an active member of the local ’Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade’ for 25 years. This, together with firsthand involvement with his own special-rural property, has given him plenty of experience to draw from.

Realising that most people making this move will also have the same problems to solve, Bernie has not only written but completely designed, edited and self-published this very practical and informative book.

‘Rural Living HANDBOOK’ is squarely aimed at people moving, or already moved from suburbia to a rural area. This book is liberally illustrated throughout with over 200 photographs (mostly taken by Bernie) as well as several explanatory tables and diagrams.

Summarised in Bernie’s own words;
“…a book that I wish we could have referred to 30 years ago”


Inside the Book

Part One - In the Beginning
Before you purchase any land
Firebreaks (Fire Access Trails)
Electric Fences
Farm Gate
Driveway Lead-In
Automatic Front Gate .
Rural Numbering
Letter Boxes
Meter Boxes

Part Two - Design and Building Phase

Some Elements of House Design
Building Phase
Wood Fires 6
Water .
Maintain a Photographic Record
First Aid

Part Three - After you move in

Gain Specific Localised Information
Local Trades and Services
Grass (not Lawn)
Storage Space
Vegetable Garden
Fruit Trees
Security Cameras
Internet Access
Solar Panels

Part Four - Tools and Machinery (and other toys)

Hand Tools .
Four Wheel Drives
Pumps (contributed by Kevin Gason)
Ride-On Mowers


Part Five – Animals
Alpacas (contributed by Leonie Owen)
Cows (contributed by Sue Webb)
Guinea Fowl
Horses (contributed by Sue Webb)
Bandicoot (Quenda)
Dung Beetles
Kangaroos and Wallabies
Rats and Mice
Termites .

Part Six – Noxious Weeds

Cape Tulip
Paterson’s Curse (Salvation Jane)

Appendix A Useful Websites
Appendix B Useful Books/Further Reading
Appendix C Trailer - 7 and 12 Pin Plug/Socket Wiring Diagram
Appendix D Local Trades/Services/Authorities
Appendix E Vegetable Planting Guide – Perth WA
Appendix F ‘DoctoRS A-B-C-D’ Action Plan
Appendix G First Aid for Snake and Spider Bites
Appendix H Recommended First Aid Kit Contents
Appendix I Images, Images, More Bloody Images



Readers Feedback

...I planned to read 'RURAL' cover to cover, but have jumped to a few sections for a sneak peak and it's all been quite insightful. Regardless, it has been useful already - even just simple things like your comments on planning a driveway with turning circle has influenced our plans. It's little things like this that should help us do a better job first time round. 
The book is very accessible - simple language and a good mix of straight facts and anecdotes. It's like you're just having a chat with a mate. I'm certainly glad I bought your book and will recommend it to others starting out on a small land holding... Dan Paull (Gidgegannup WA)

...We have just moved onto 5 arces in Birchmont, WA and the land hasn't been well cared for, for some years and this book is helping us with all kinds of hints, tips and important information we otherwise wouldn't have known... Rob and Jane Buckley (Birchmont WA)

...I love it and will continue to browse it whenever I have a problem or just need some information -- or inspiration. Excellently researched, beautifully presented - both the information and the pictures. I agree with all the feedback you've received so far. ... Lawrie Carr (Anketell WA)

...the book we should have had X years ago... Numerous

...devoured your book yesterday evening and today. I wish we had it when we were back at the prebuild stage as there are so many useful tips... Elizabeth Kidney (Baldivis WA)

...very user friendly and informative... Dudley Scott (Scott Print WA)

...I would be tempted myself to buy a large property and would feel rather well informed on what it takes and how to go about it after reading your guide. I am of a same opinion - it's better to learn from mistakes of others than your own... Gabriela Bruckner (Scott Print WA)

...This is definitely the book you need to answer all those questions you were afraid to ask and all those you hadn't even thought about. Had I read this book prior to moving to a 5 acre block in Stoneville in 2006, things would have turned out much differently for me and life would have been a whole lot easier... Bruce Zilm (Mandurah WA)

...well presented and easy to read book that covers numerous topics. A must read book for not only potential landowners but those currently living on acreage. An excellent reference book on all things rural... Colin Xanthis (Wellard WA)

...It's exactly what we need at this point, and will be very useful over the next few years as we get our property set up the way we want. I haven't read the whole book yet as I have to drag it out of my husband's hands to get a look in... Leanne Christie (Aldinga Beach SA)

...I bought your book the other day on a whim while I was purchasing some gas. We have only been living rural for 8 weeks, we have been loving it so far. Your book is full of so much useful information and it is presented in such a way to add in some aussie humour. I loved it, I could hardly put it down. Thank you so much. I have a feeling we will be referring back to your book and some of the great ideas inside for a long while yet...Renee T (Serpentine WA)




Rural Living Handbook by Bernie Webb
ISBN: 978-1-922409-42-3
Format: Paperback 244mm x 170mm
Extent: 226 pages full colour
RRP: $37.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Self-Help -- Guidebook