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Sacred Animal Activism

Vikki Koplick

A mission of love for animals

Australian by birth and upbringing, Vikki grew up nurtured by an environment that was particularly in tune with the animals that formed part of it.

Her best intentions are made clear from the start of this autobiographical work, which focuses on the development and awakening of the inner being in a spirit that sought to be in harmony with all living things.

Vikki's mission to save Animals was thus inherent from an early age.  Her search for self-realisation leading her to the uplifting practice of Meditation and Energy Healing. Becoming a Certified Energy Healer for Animals. Through her years of experience doing healings on her own pets and clients pets. Vikki has found some interesting common facts about Animal Chakras.

Vikki shares her Chakra balancing and Energy Healing methods as well as common facts about Animal Chakras. There is guidance from the Soul in the last part of the book on how to connect with the spirit of Animals as an alternative to normal Animal Activism

“This book offers an opportunity to take your understanding of animato a much deeper level. Vikki speaks from the heart and offers profound wisdom about our connection to the natural world, and animal activism.”  
~ Dr. Linda Bender, author of 'Animal Wisdom, Learning From the Spiritual Lives of Animals'


About the Author

Vikki Koplick is a retired Enrolled Nurse and an energy healer for animals. She is also a clairvoyant, empath and animal whisperer, and is able to speak to the spirits of nature and animals. She lives in NSW, Australia, with her husband, dog and cat, and has a grown son and daughter (with whom she shares many horses).

Vikki’s spiritual journey has led her to find her soul’s vocation and mission – 'a mission of love for animals'. Her poetry has been published in poetry magazines. 'My Rose Petal Heart' and 'Bitterness' were published in The International Poetry Digest Monthly in September and November 2019, and 'My Rose Petal Heart' was chosen to be in the top 100 for 2019. 'Australian Brumby Love' was published by The Cambridge-Hall Poetry Journal in July 2020.

Vikki is currently planning the next book in this series. A Mission of Love for Animals: Living the Teachings. Also, a series of small poetry books. The first is titled Worlds Within Words of the Heart: The Soul Whispers Poetry.

Book Reviews

"This book offers an opportunity to take your understanding of animals to a much deeper level. Vikki speaks from the heart and offers profound wisdom about our connection to the natural world, and animal activism.”  

~ Dr. Linda Bender, author of Animal Wisdom: Learning From the Spiritual Lives of Animals


Reviewed by Victoria on Amazon Au 8th April 2021
If you love animals & natural healing this book is a must! Thank you for writing this & for your loving service to the animal world!

Reviewed by Kerrie on Amazon Au 18th May 2021
Energy healing for your pets, a natural healing modality that works and it's available now. Your pets will thank you.

Reviewed by Tracy E on Goodreads  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Vikki has an extraordinary gift - and in this book, she most generously shares how anyone and everyone can develop the ability to tap into your animals' psyches.

Review by Grace on Goodreads·April 16, 2021
Her story will leave you feeling encouraged and enlightened!
I recommend this book to anyone interested in animals as well as self-discovery.

Reviewed by Ellie on Goodreads
Found the way in which, Vikki is so dedicated to serving animals and the planet to be wonderfully touching and inspiring. Vikki’s story will leave you feeling hugely encouraged and enthused and, above all, with plenty to think about. Highly recommend!



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Sacred Whispers Poetry

The Soul Whispers Poetry has fifty-six poems, in four sections. Animals, Nature, Self and Devotion. Each a relationship healing from the soul to humanity as a whole and individuals awakening to their paths.
A different perspective, through calling on our soul to awaken in the heart.

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