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Settle, Petal

Peta L Tooley

Illustrated by Emma J Thompson

One morning, Mum is teary-eyed when she drops Petal at school. What could be wrong?
Is Petal in trouble? Is Mum sick? Is Dad going away?
Petal’s day is clouded with worry.
But when Mum finally brings her home, the front door opens to a wonderful surprise.



Our Mission

As teachers, we understand the importance of wellbeing and its impact on a child’s learning and emotional development. When the mind is preoccupied instead of relaxed and alert, learning cannot go deep. Our mission is to help children identify their feelings and to provoke conversations about how to manage these effectively. This book highlights the damaging effects of anxiety on young children.


About Us

Peta L Tooley – Author
Peta Tooley is an Early Years Educator and passionate advocate for children’s wellbeing. In 2018, she won the South Australia Public Education Award for Early Years Teacher of the Year. Peta has lived in Adelaide all her life and collaborated with a local artist to create this children’s picture book about anxiety, This touching picture book will entertain young readers and provoke conversations about how to manage and reduce anxiety—an invaluable resource for parents and teachers.

Emma J Thompson – Illustrator
Emma Thompson is a teacher, artist and book lover. As a mother, she’s seen firsthand the positive impact of books on children’s development and in supporting parents to raise happy healthy kids.




Settle, Petal by Peta L Tooley, Illustrated by Emma J Thompson
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ISBN: 9978-1-925952-49-0
Format: Hardcover 216mm x 216mm
Extent: 34 pages
RRP: $24.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Illustrated Children's Fiction
Distribution: Pem Picture Books