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START Parenting

Sue Gould
Doug MacLean

A Guide to Thoughtful Parenting

Parenting can be a wild ride. It can be the ultimate roller coaster. Unlike the fairground ride, however, it won’t just stop when you have had enough. It is a lifelong journey.

Parents need all the help they can get, as they hang on for the ride. Especially because this is a ride that can be derailed by chance events, no matter how much great work parents put in.

This is why the START approach to parenting has been developed. It concentrates on parents, rather than on children, in a bid to provide ways that parents can figure out what they are doing, and where they are trying to get to, with their parenting. START recognises the part played by chance, and the importance of parents caring for themselves, as well as the kids.

START is a unique, straightforward, step-by-step strategy that is easy to remember, and simple to put into practice. It is based on sound principles and knowledge about children and families, and can be your “go to” strategy in times of trouble, as well as all the good times.


About the Authors

The authors, Sue Gould and Dr. Doug MacLean, have extensive clinical and research experience in both Psychology and Social Work. They have had special focus on human development, Health Psychology, family and parenting issues, child protection, coping skills, and managing life transitions.

Their professional experience has been gained in a variety of settings, including Universities, schools, general and indigenous Community Health Services, Sexual Assault Service, Adolescent Mental Health Service, as well as in private practice.

They also have a great many years' experience as parents in raising their own family - perhaps the most important and challenging partnership of all!








START Parenting:A Guide to Thoughtful Parenting by Sue Gould and Doug MacLean
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