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Sunny Place, Shady People

Carol Richmond

A travel mystery set in Monaco and the French Riviera

When Australian police couple Rob and Jane Fitzgibbon exchange their home with a mysterious European couple in Monaco, their holiday plans for the French Riviera unravel.

Jane is still traumatised by the Lindt Café terrorist attack in Sydney; Rob is anxious to make their vacation and his second marriage work. But they are beset by sinister happenings: from missing luggage to bizarre break-ins, stolen identities, and a chilling letter left behind by their hosts.

The couple are seconded by the Australian Federal Police to investigate terrorist plots against international sporting events from Marseilles to Melbourne. Haunted by her past, Jane is desperate to capture the suspected ISIS terrorists who threaten the lives of thousands. But a risky entanglement threatens to derail more than her holiday. And who is the Russian oligarch connected to every shady person they meet?

A thrilling travel mystery, drenched in Mediterranean sun and dappled with dangerous liaisons.



About the Author

Similar to Jane Fitzgibbons in ‘Sunny Place Shady People’, Carol Richmond has made more than twenty successful home exchanges in Europe and the United States. However, none of Carol’s exchanges were remotely connected to a terrorist plot. A former teacher, consultant and school principal with the NSW Education Department for over three decades, Carol is a passionate Francophile and Australian Wallabies supporter who loves adventurous travel and feisty book club discussions. ‘Sunny Place Shady People’ is her second novel and was inspired by a house exchange in Monaco in 2017. 











Sunny Place, Shady People by Carol Richmond
ISBN: 978-1-925952-18-6
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 232 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction
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