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Super Happy Filthy Rich

Julie Piantadosi

The bible for a successful business and life

In her long awaited first published book, Julie Piantadosi delves into what is really required of us on a daily basis to achieve a life of extreme happiness and amazing wealth.
This short, sharp, no-nonsense book goes straight to the core of the mindset, beliefs, values, aspirations and work ethic possessed by the worlds most successful, grounded and truly joyful people.



About the Author

Brian Kavanagh - Author

Julie Piantadosi is one of Australia's leading customer service trainers, presenters and business advisors. Companies from all over the world call on her business consulting services to completely transform their teams and profit.

Having sold over 2 million DVDs and CDs her seminars are simply life changing!
Julie has taken the stage in over 22 countries and has presented over 800 seminars and workshops around the globe.

Her vivacious spirit and powerful positive mindset empowers people and organisations with easily adaptable tools and strategies to help them make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary.










Super Happy Filthy Rich by Julie Piantadosi
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ISBN: 9781925341690
Format: Paperback 180mm x 112mm
Extent: 112 pages
RRP: $24.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Business -- Life-Coaching
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