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Tax Savings for 201 Employee Occupations

Darren Gleeson


Tax Savings for 201 Employee Occupations details tax saving strategies and ideas for 201 different employee occupations. It doesn’t matter what the occupation is, there are tax strategies that commonly apply to that occupation.

Often employee taxpayers are unaware of all the tax saving strategies that are available. This is understandable as the Australian taxation system is extremely complicated and ever changing. Up to date information is the key to ensuring taxpayers are not paying more tax than necessary.

The focus of this book is to educate and enlighten employee taxpayers about legal tax saving strategies that may apply to their specific occupation. Taxpayers should only pay the exact amount of tax they are legally required too and not a dollar more.



About the Author

Darren Gleeson is the CEO and a founder of TaxFitness which provides cloud-based automated tax planning software.

Darren is a tax planning specialist who trains, develops and mentors accountants on legal tax planning strategies. He is the published author of six other books – Tax Tips That Add Up, Stairway to Profits, Intelligent Accountant, Tax Planning Made Simple, 103 Tax Haven Escapes and 201 Tax Saving Strategies.










Tax Savings for 201 Employee Occupations by Darren Gleeson
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