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The 7 Love Types

Dr Christian Heim

Navigating love in a fractured world

We live in a fractured world: pandemics, economic upheavals, mental illness, screen addiction, loneliness, alienation & separation. We look for love, get confused, get hurt and lose love. More than ever, we need better relationships with family, friends, love-partners and even strangers. Do we even understand love? Or the different love types? Science and Ancient Ideas can help us know love more, show love more and secure it in our lives.

Get the love equation right for more love in your life.

Know Love + Show Love = Better Life + Better World.

They do not love who do not show their love (Shakespeare).

Combining reason and passion, science and songs, this book explores love: Seven Love Types, science, and showing it to family, friends, colleagues, strangers, and love-partners to give love a fair go.


About the Author

Dr. Christian Heim is an award-winning clinical psychiatrist, Australian music lecturer (= US professor) and a Churchill fellow. He is an associate senior lecturer at the University of Queensland in the School of Medicine and in music has lectured at Manhattan School of Music, The University of Newcastle and had a tenured position at the University of Wollongong where he was nominated for a teaching award. He was on staff at several Australian hospitals. During his 20 years of continued clinical practice he has heard the stories of thousands of people.

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The 7 Love Types: Navigating love in a fractured world by Dr Christian Heim
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