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The Electricity Box

Robyn Berkeley

The Electricity Box is the story of an amazing healer, Eric McNally. It follows his journey from the tough, working class suburbs of Liverpool in the 1920s, living through WWII and working on a minesweeper through to his broken heart, jumping ship in Melbourne, being shipwrecked on Wide Bar Bay near Brisbane, serious illness and discovery of his mission through healing.

Through his calling to help people Eric developed his own spirituality and practice of treating chronic back pain in people and all sorts of pets and animals. Known by some as ‘Eric the Bonecrusher’, Eric’s special insight and awareness of people’s spiritual and emotional state, combined with his unique chiropractic technique became legendary throughout Australia.

Eric was able to achieve extraordinary results through prayer and work on the spine, ‘the electricity box’ as he called it. As Robyn Berkeley, the author, comments: “If the vertebrae are jammed or calcified together, or not in the correct place, the nerves with authority over particular organs and tissues are inhibited. This makes people focus on their aliments rather than allowing their minds to be free and at peace.

The Electricity Box is also a journey of Eric’s discovery and understanding of the love of God and Eric’s own unique skills to heal people – and of Robyn’s discovery of true love and the freedom and peacefulness this bought. “He simply, and I mean simply, accepted everyone the way they were and wanted everyone to love and accept themselves as they were.”

Janise Beaumont, Author
I have longed for this book because I knew Eric McNally and his story, I saw first hand how he changed many people’s lives, including Robyn's. It’s a story worth sharing it speaks to the power of true love, faith, discovery and healing. You’ll be amazed how reading this book will change your view of the world, and maybe yourself.

Bill Leak, Editorial cartoonist, The Australian, writer and painter
Only when chronic back pain had immobilised me, and the painkillers I was taking outweighed my daily intake of food, did I go and see Eric on the recommendation of a close friend, also a great practical joker. When I visited Eric and saw his tools, a hammer and chisel, I thought the joke was on me. But after the torture was over, and I could swivel my hips like Elvis for the first time in years, I realised that if it was a joke I was the only one laughing.
I don’t believe in God or miracles, but, before my eyes, Eric prayed to God before starting my treatment and performed a miracle.

Glen-Marie Frost, Businesswoman
This book is a very personal account of one man’s life and of how his spirituality changed other people’s lives for the better.




About the Author

Robyn Berkeley

Robyn Berkeley is one of Australia’s pre-eminent publishers of fine art limited edition prints. For over 30 years she has collaborated with many of Australia’s leading artists including the legendary Arthur Boyd, Charles Blackman, Margaret Olley, Gary Shead, Tim Storrier, Salvatore Zofrea and Ray Crooke.

For the past 15 years she has also been involved in an amazing personal journey-writing the life story of an extraordinary man, the late healer, Eric McNally, who ‘mended’ thousands of patients.

The Electricity Box tells both of Eric’s remarkable life and gift, and how Robyn was changed forever by their 10 years together. “He loved God and lived in perfect peace in that knowledge. His love for me had shown me how this could be”, says Robyn.



Box by Robyn Berkeley

ISBN: 9781922022776
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 184 pages + 12 page colour photo insert
RRP: $24.95 (eBook $9.99)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Healers--Australia--Biography