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The Extra Mile

Molapo Selepe

The Less Traveled Path

The Extra Mile is compiled in a simple but comprehensive fashion to help the reader work hard and work smart. It emphasizes the importance of competing with oneself, setting personal benchmarks and working daily towards matching those personal standards.

The first three chapters address the habits of a productive life, the middle four chapters address the attitude of a successful person, and the last four chapters address the character of a successful person.
Molapo systematically and meticulously takes a leaf from his personal experience to demonstrate what it means to go an extra mile. He narrates anecdotal examples of navigating life’s common and not so common challenges.
The steps can be repeated with guaranteed similar results.



About the Author

Dr Molapo Selepe is a successful GP based in Perth Australia. He was born and bred in South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1999. Dr Selepe moved to England in 2002 where he did Specialist training in Family Medicine. He is a reputable GP in the UK and Australia.











The Extra Mile by Molapo Selepe
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ISBN: 9781925681673
Format: Paperback 190mm x 120mm
Extent: 134 pages
RRP: $14.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-Fiction -- Self-Help
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