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The Ghost of Billabong Speaks

Dr. Farvardin Daliri


Passing through Boundary Rd at West End, a Brisbane suburb, is not an ordinary experience.

As opposed to the larger world— where due to differences in religion, culture, language or social class, pools of blood have coloured the streets and the sacred threshold of family homes have been turned to crime scenes and rubble— you get to see an immense diversity of food, shops, retail stores, cultures, costumes, religions and music, all within a stretch of 500 metres.

In such a place, you may see many different shades and colours of human flowers in the garden of humanity. All happily following their Australian dream and proudly expressing their way of life, cultures and values —without being interrupted by any one. Like a supreme pizza, you may see every nice and tasty form of topping and flavour, so colourful and tasty.
It is heaven of humanity. Yet something is missing, rather, rendered invisible - the base of the pizza, the one which makes this pizza possible, the one that allows all these colours and flavours to shine. What is it that is missing and often goes unnoticed in West End and in all similar situations? That is the Australian Cultural Narrative that, like the pizza base, has been rendered invisible and not worth mentioning, it is the Ghost of the Billabong.

In this book, Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM has endeavoured to bring to light the missing ghost of Australian culture with the warning: If we don’t recognise the base of this multicultural pizza, we can’t go too far with it before the pizza of our wonderful Australia disintegrates and the wonderful individual flavours of the topping are lost.

Yes, multiculturalism is important, but more importantly is that which holds it together and sustains its development, the Australian Culture. Come a Waltzing Matilda with Farvardin Daliri and bring to light the Ghost of the Billabong, with its unifying and healing message for all who made Australia home.


About the Author

Dr. Farvardin Daliri

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM was brought up in Tehran, Iran. After leaving Iran as a teenager he gained a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a postgraduate research qualification from Lucknow University in India.

Dr Daliri arrived in Australia in 1984. He completed a Bachelor of Education at Latrobe University and a Masters of Education at Monash University. He graduated for his Doctoral thesis in Education at James Cook University in 2005. His thesis explored the educational predicament of Indigenous children and their discursive cultural dislocation at the point of entering school. 

Dr Daliri is a professional artist both as a painter and a sculptor. He also specialises in self-awareness, meditation and emotional intelligence. Dr Daliri regularly runs self awareness and mediation courses. He also teaches practical techniques for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. Dr Daliri's courses in Cross Cultural training, emotional intelligence, stress management, and self awareness are highly successful and recommended.

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The Ghost of Billabong Speaks by Dr. Farvardin Daliri
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