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The Life of a Refugee Today

Mamer Deng Jur


What is it really like being a refugee today and what are the actual experiences of displaced people in a country that is not their own?

What are the challenges and struggles faced by refugees in new environments that are often threatening and that can compound the bad experiences they have already suffered in their past?

The author’s analogy of a new inmate in prison is always the victim of abuse from other long-term inmates, or from the guards, who are part of the system and know how things work in there is a sobering thought.

As well as the stark realities, this book is also a reflection of thoughts, theories and ideas about the place and treatment of refugees within society.   



About the Author

Mamer Deng Jur

Mamer Deng Jur works full- time at INTERCAST AND FORGE PTY LTD, Adelaide South Australia. Part- time law student at the University Of South Australia (UNISA) Law School, Mamer is currently in his fourth year. He received his Bachelor of Business (Commercial Law), in 2011 from University of South Australia, Adelaide.









The Life of a Refugee Today by Mamer Deng Jur


ISBN: 978-1-925341-30-0
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Extent: 176 pages
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