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The Masterpiece

Judy Waugh

A true saga of love, lust and betrayal

This true saga starts in London where a band of rogues and villains face exile to America.
A desperate plan is hatched, to mutiny at sea.

Among them is an artist, who learns to make love tokens, and seven wanton women, who learn what they must do, if they are to survive.

Each has a tale to tell, of baggage from the past...

...until Fate takes a hand, with a change of destination. BOTANY BAY

About the Author

Judy Waugh

Judy Waugh was born in Hobart, Tasmania, to a Queensland mother descended from Kentish smugglers, and a Scottish father who left home at 19 and made Australia home. She inherited their love of words and crossword puzzles, and the joy of solving examples from IQ tests. This otherwise useless skill led her to Canberra in 1965 as one of 50 new graduates recruited to train as programmers, and an interesting job as the first woman programmer at the Treasury.
It also led to marriage, motherhood, and lifelong friendships with a group of idiosyncratic people who were also good at IQ tests.
Now, a lifetime later, her love of finding clues and solving puzzles has led to a collection of engraved coins and the stories they tell. TRENCH ART and The MASTERPIECE trilogy are the result.



The Masterpiece by Judy Waugh

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ISBN: 978-1-922788-52-8
Format: Paperback
Extent: 352 pages
RRP: $32.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Historical fiction