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The Restless Danish Immigrants

Anthony W. Buirchell

The Johnson Family

This book follows the life and times of four generations of the Johnson family.
From Denmark, Ambrose and Margherita Johnson sailed to Melbourne, Australia arriving in 1855. They followed the thousands of other gold diggers to the Hepburn area in Victoria. They were the first ‘Aussie’ Johnsons of the ancestral line. Although the book centres on the Johnson families it reflects the life and struggles of people in Australia from the gold rushes through to pioneering dairy farmers on the beautiful but inhospitable Daintree River.
The Daintree 10 in the book are a remarkable generation who as children under 12 were taken into the Daintree River for over 10 years. They survived and so did their stories.


About the Author

Anthony Buirchell was born in Kojonup, West Australia in 1949.
He worked on the ‘Wheat Bins’ during Christmas holidays to pay his way through high school and college.
Anthony was the Head Boy of Kojonup JHS in 1964 and again at Katanning SHS in 1966.
After studying at Claremont Teachers’ College he graduated and taught for 45 years in large primary schools and as a Principal in small country schools. Through part time studies he attained a Bachelor of Social Science at Curtin University and a Bachelor of Education at Murdoch University. He has a daughter, Stephanie and two grandsons, Kale and Dylan. His partner is Deborah Johnson and she has been the inspiration for his first book The Restless Immigrants: The Johnson Family.













The Restless Danish Immigrants by Anthony W. Buirchell
ISBN: 978-1-925209-53-2
Format: Paperback A4 210mm x 297mm
Extent: 94 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Family History - Non-Fiction