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The Riverboat Postman

Joanne Karcz
Elizabeth Irvin


Written in rhyme for young children and early readers, the book describes the experience of two children who step on board The Riverboat Postman to deliver the mail. The Riverboat Postman really does exist. It has been delivering mail to water access only properties along the Hawkesbury River for over 100 years.





Book Reviews

I met the author of this wonderful children’s book outside the Riverboat Postman ticket office. I had been exploring the waterways around Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River , and heard about the boat that delivered Post to island communities.
Beautifully illustrated, the story captures the voyage of the Riverboat Postman as he goes about his daily work. The rhythm of the verse is charming.
I look forward to many happy hours reading this wonderful tale to my granddaughter, and showing her the way of life in a river community.
– Di Burton, Yorkshire, Summer 2018

We were so delighted after reading Joanne Karcz's first children's book: Dangar Island: Birds, Barrows, A Ferry & Me that we asked her to write one for us too! So, onto The Riverboat Postman she stepped, furiously taking notes and photographs as she sailed along.
The results were better than anything we could have imagined. Beautifully expressing the sights, history and river locals that our guests encounter along the way, Joanne captured the essence of a day aboard The Riverboat Postman in all its glory. Flicking through the pages, one really feels as though they are out on the boat. Thank you Joanne, for this exquisite storybook - it is a true treasure.
Caelia Collins, Manager, Hawkesbury Cruises


About the Author

Joanne Karcz

Having lived on the Hawkesbury River for many years, Joanne Karcz loves the beauty that surrounds her. She has taken many a trip on The Riverboat Postman, delighting in the river, it’s people and the nature that is her backyard.  Her first children’s picture book “Dangar Island: birds, barrows a ferry and me” describes a day in the life of a child on Dangar Island. Joanne also spends time exploring and photographing suburban Sydney and writes up her discoveries in her fortnightly blog


Other books by the author

Joanne Karcz

Dangar Island is a real place. A small river community on the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. Children growing up on Dangar Island have an enviable freedom. This book tells a story of life on the island.

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Dangar Island by Joanne Karcz
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-08-6
Format: 297mm x 210mm
Extent: 32 pages full colour
RRP: $16.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Childrens Illustrated Fiction