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The Very Worst of the Beatles

Michael Witheford


The Very Worst Of The Beatles is a light-hearted but studious examination of the band’s least outstanding moments, from the hurried and badly played cover versions they were obliged to record for a hungry market in the early sixties, to the drug-fuelled and overblown indulgences from later in the decade when they had no obligations at all. There are separate entries for each song examining the recording, the times and why there are problems. Record company pressure, fatigue, laziness, bad luck and the often frosty relationships within the band all ensured certain tunes would be stinkers.

Read the stories behind 44 songs and see if you agree that these were the very worst of the Beatles.

About the Author

Michael Witheford was born in England and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of the novel Buzzed and non-fiction book Natural Shocks. He has written about music, film and other matters for Juke Magazine, On The Street, Time Out, The Age, Sunday Sun, Australian Musician and Sydney Morning Herald among others. He was the editor of the soccer fanzine My Blue Heaven.

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The Very Worst of the Beatles


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