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The Virtuous Weed

Nimal R. Chandrasena

Weedy by name only, not weedy by nature

“A weed is no more than a flower in disguise, which is seen through at once, if love gives a man eyes”
– James Lowell

Weeds, as a group of plants, are unloved by some people. However, this dislike is not universal. Weeds are colonizing, pioneering plants, with special botanical and ecological attributes. They are a critical component of Mother Earth’s rich biodiversity. They are also Nature’s Gifts from which humans can learn many lessons. This book provides compelling evidence of the virtuous side of weeds and their utilization potential for people’s livelihoods and sustainable future societies.

The book will surely open a critical dialogue on weeds, across borders that separate divergent views. Can weeds be appreciated for their critical ecological roles? Can they be managed in situations where they may become problematic? Weeds are shadows of men. The history of weeds is essentially the history of human societies since the agricultural revolution.

A paradigm shift to tolerate the extraordinarily resourceful weedy taxa (‘living with weeds’) appears prudent as plants and animals, as well as human societies, face uncertain times in a changing global climate.


About the Author

Nimal R. Chandrasena

Nimal Chandrasena, a Weed Scientist, was the first Associate Professor of Botany (by Merit) at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal WEEDS (Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society).
Nimal obtained his Ph.D. in Weed Science from the University of North Wales (Bangor, UK). He lives and works in Australia and is a well-published scholar. His 40-plus years of experience, as a Botanist and Ecologist, “mingling with weeds”, shines a light on the group of plants, branded ‘weeds’, which some people dislike.
Nimal has been a long-time campaigner for the utilization of these maligned plants for societal benefits. Instead of being disrespectful to weeds, Nimal makes a plea to understand weeds better and treat them as ‘Nature’s Gifts’.

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The Virtuous Weed by Nimal R. Chandrasena
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