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This Song's For You

Wendy Robb

When my son was murdered in 1982 I began to question the very depth of my existence. Each step of my journey took me closer to the discovery that we are more than a physical body; that we are never alone; and that help is there for the asking.

I discovered that everyone has the same potential for spiritual growth, and once we begin our search a shift takes place in the laws surrounding our life. After that, we can never be the same.

Whether or not you’ve experienced trauma, if you’re on a spiritual path you might find some answers between the covers of this book.

* * *

“I was touched by the honesty of this beautiful book, which is inspirational, informative, and from the heart. Even before I read it I could feel Wendy’s healing, vibrational energy radiating from its words. Read, absorb. Answers will flow to you as the pages unfold and Wendy takes you on your own journey of spiritual self-discovery.”
Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst, author of "Angels and Guides" and "Angel Power"

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Published : APRIL 2009
Format : Paperback 192pp
RRP: $22.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980545982
Publisher : VIVID Publishing