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to market to market

Josephine Hancock

A guide to a fun way of buying the staples of life!

Have you ever thought of going to the fresh food markets to buy your food, flowers and other weekly necessities of life? Did you even know you can?

‘to market to market’ is a quick-read guide to how easy it is to make your local markets a wonderful alternative for buying your weekly food and other essentials like treats for your dog, scrumptious pastries, and lovely soaps as well as fantastic meat, fish, eggs and the list goes on.
Give it a go and don’t forget to try out Josephine’s special recipes, made with fresh market ingredients of course!



to market to market
Published :NOVEMBER 2008
Format : 130mm x 170mm
RRP : t.b.c.
ISBN 13 : 9780980545944
Pages : 80pp
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : SHOPPING