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To Their Credit

Brendan Cook

The Australian Army Pay Corps of the First World War

On the 21st of September 1914 the Australian Government approved the raising of the Australian Army Pay Corps. Its task; the implementation and management of the largest and most complex system of financial and pay administration ever seen at that time in Australia. Overwhelmed and under-resourced from the start, this is the story of an AIF unit that, in its own quiet but distinguished way, provided essential service, not least to Soldiers and their dependents throughout the terrible conflict of 1914-1918. .



About the Author

Brendan Cook

Brendan Cook is an Accountant and Taxation Advisor and the father of three boys who lives in Perth, Western Australia.  Brendan has always been interested in history, particularly military, economic and commercial history.  In addition to his work and writing, Brendan volunteers his time with his son’s basketball team, as President of the Boer War Memorial Society of WA, as Treasurer of the Claremont sub-Branch of the RSL, and as a Committee Member and regular speaker at the Military History Society of Western Australia.







To Their Credit by Brendan Cook
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ISBN: 978-1-922565-02-0
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Extent: 332 pages
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