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The Triple R System - BOOK 2

Jo Smith

'Practise Makes Permanent’

The Triple R System evolved from the insight that learning is a skill. All skills can be specifically taught and improved. Parents possess the greatest opportunity to effect immediate change in the lives of children aged between 2 to 14 years.


About the Author

Jo Smith - author

Jo M. Smith is an educator with more than 20 years experience. A member of Mensa and the V.I.T. she provides a truly innovative approach to learning. Holding degrees from Monash, Melbourne, ACU and Swinburne Universities, Jo M. Smith established The Triple R System in 2012.

This unique system produces truly remarkable results. Improved learning skills are quickly evident, as parents work with their child, to complete the specifically designed training exercises. Presently working as an Educational Consultant, Jo M. Smith is consistently inspired by parents’ reports of their child’s increased success. We know that advancing your child’s learning skills, elevates their accomplishments both within and beyond the classroom.

This book clearly articulates precise strategies and training exercises. Using this book parents can ensure their child’s learning outcomes reflect their true potential.



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The Triple R System - BOOK 1 by Jo Smith
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ISBN: 9781925209570 (Book 2)
Format: Paperback 148mm x 210mm
Extent: 246 pages
RRP: $27.50
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Learning Skills -- Children
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