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Twisted Tales

35 top stories from the Twisted Tales Short Story Competition

Bizarre and Twisted Short Stories

35 twisted tales about … accountants

‘We invited writers from around the world to enter our Twisted Tax Tales Short Story Competition, as a fundraiser for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. Writers were asked, to give the stereotyped accountant, often perceived as a boring bean counter and desk dwelling cruncher of numbers—a brand new lease of life, by revamping their dull persona and spinning a masterful tale that would make them … interesting!’ [Success Tax Professionals, Franchisor]

This anthology includes the $10,000 prize winning story, a further top 24 stories selected on merit and an additional 10 by popularity through Facebook voting.

In this diverse and clever compilation you will find murder, mystery, the supernatural, revenge, humour … and a lot more.

Join the crime solving duo in winning entry, ‘A Tidy Summation’. Be afraid, and expect to be challenged in ‘Accountant Dracula’. What would you wish for in ‘Selfish Wishes’? Fixated on working and making ends meet, perhaps ‘The Provider’ will make you think again. Who is ‘Anna Cow Tent’? Into pets in the workplace, then read the quirky ‘Mr Holt’s Magical Duck’. What happens when a bean counter meets a modern day Rapunzel?—find out in ‘The Rapunzel File’…

A project for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.


Inside the Book

1. A Tidy Summation | SUSANNAH SMITH
2. The Rapunzel File | NIKKI MCWATTERS
3. Anna Cow Tent | J.M. COCHRANE
4. The Provider | ANNE WILKINS
5. The Secret to Success | ANNE GILLES
6. Forensic Accounting | NIKKI MCWATTERS
7. Accountant Dracula | DAU BRANCHAZEL
8. Lucky Bastard | MIKE WOODHOUSE
9. Mr Holt’s Magical Duck | MARCUS ELLIOTT
10. Selfish Wishes | DIANNE DEAN
11. 50 Not Out | MARK DAVOREN
12. Abacus | ELLIS CLOVER
13. The Accountant | A.J. WALKER
14. Jack and the Bean Counter | ROMNII DODDS
15. Life, Death and Taxes | ANGELA J. MAHER
16. Accounting For My Twisted Mistake | PAULA PRICE
17. When Jonesy Met Flavie | KAZ KILMORE
18. The Wererat | DAVID C. BOYLE
19. Night of Masks | ALBER SABANOGLU
20. A (Not So) Terrible Tampon Tax | PIP MARKS
21. The Bean Counter | ANDREA MOUNTER
22. Buy Now Pay Later | JENNIFER STOKES
23. A Rhinoceros | MICHAEL T. SCHAPER
24. A Midsummer’s Nightmare | ANNE FENG
25. Mr Gilberry | EDEN VAN LEEUWEN

2. The Island’s Secrets | ELISA KONOMI
3. Diary of a Destined Nigerian Accountant | ASELENI JOSEPH WODO
4. On My Way, By My Way | OLSI SHAHINI
5. Top of the Ladder | MAHMOOD SAMANTHA
6. That’s Enough | NARAYAN SHARMA
7. A New Day Marks a New Beginning |
8. The Poor Accountant | ALEX JONES
9. The Holiday | DEBY ADAIR
10. A Nymph’s Kiss | IRENA GEORGIEVA



Twisted Tales: 35 top stories from the Twisted Tales Short Story Competition
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ISBN: 9781925590227
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 400 pages
RRP: $26.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction -- Short Stories
Distribution: Currently out of print


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