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Tony Wilson

How to reclaim your time and do more of what really matters

What does it mean to be ‘Unbusy’?

Despite your initial reaction, it is not about being idle. Unbusy, rather, is the opposite of too busy. Being ‘too busy’ can make us feel important, but it ultimately leaves us empty.

This book is a field guide to becoming Unbusy. It is not merely about finding time and space to reflect and disconnect, it is about how we manage ourselves, our priorities and our days to do things that we know make us more productive, valuable and fulfilled.

Ironically, being Unbusy will help you get more done.

This is a great addition to our Focus Planner! It will help you free up your time and manage your ability to stay focussed on on task to do the things that matter. 


"Tony breaks down some vague ideas, like stress and mindset, into achievable, bite-sized concepts we can incorporate into our everyday practice." – Audience Member, Perth


"Learning when our brains are in the Chill, Choke or Performance Zone has helped me to approach my day with more intention." – Audience Member, Sydney


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About the Author

Tony Wilson, MBA, BSc is a Performance Coach who has worked with elite athletes and sporting teams around the globe. He applies his knowledge of performance to help people understand how to show up at their best every day without burning out.



Unbusy by Tony Wilson
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