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We Humans

Bill K. Koul

Our initial 100 days during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed humans, bringing disruption and fear to our lives, but also an opportunity for reassessment of our place in the world and in history.

In this book, Bill K Koul neither calls for ideal humans nor for perfect or ideal societies, but challenges readers to accept the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ in everyone and, in doing so, to be less judgemental of each other.
We Humans examines the big news stories that have happened over the course of the pandemic, particularly the protests around the world against black deaths in custody, the conflicts in Kashmir and between India and China, and the geopolitical influence of the US. Koul delves into the reasons behind our mysterious behaviour at individual and political levels, and gives a commentary on our greatest challenges and our opportunities, with a glimpse of what life may look like after the pandemic if we seize this moment to make our world anew.



About the Author

An engineer by profession, Perth-based Bill K. Koul is an author and a regular blogger and contributor to Indian newspapers and magazines, as well as a lecturer on Kashmir where he is originally from. He has published several nonfiction books, including, most recently, The Charmed Triangle, applying his decades of experience as an engineer to philosophical musings on Indian politics and broader questions about life.



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We Humans by Bill K. Koul
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