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From Woodanilling to War

Louise Higham


From Woodanilling to War is the history of a West Australian rural community through the two World Wars of the twentieth century.

Drawn extensively from the official records of the National Archives and the Australian War Memorial, as well as from a range of state and local publications and from residents of recent times, it details the military service of men and women from Woodanilling.

There are 240 personal stories. They range from Gallipoli, Egypt and the Western Front in the First World War to the Second World War waged in Europe and the Pacific, and the defence of northern Australia.

They were ordinary people who volunteered for service when their nation called.
They were wounded in action and suffered debilitating illnesses.
Some became prisoners of war.
Some never returned and lie buried in foreign soil or lost forever on the battlefields.
From Woodanilling to War records their contribution and sacrifice.

From Woodanilling to War is not just a record of military service, it is a social history of a small rural community in Western Australia.


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About the Author

Born and educated in Tasmania, Louise Higham graduated from the University of Tasmania with Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education and Graduate Diploma in Librarianship. She is a contributing author for the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Her first book, On Active Service: A biographical dictionary of Williams, was published in 2016. Its successor, On Active Service II: A biographical dictionary of West Arthur, was published in 2019.

Louise comes from a family with several generations of service in the Armed Forces. Her father and his brother served in the British Army in the Second World War and both were awarded the Military Cross. Her paternal grandfather, who served in the British Army in the First World War, was also awarded a Military Cross. In turn his father, her great-grandfather Cyril St. Clair Cameron, fought on the North-West Frontier (Afghanistan), led the Tasmanian Contingent in the South African (Boer) War, commanded the Australian Commonwealth Corps at Edward VII’s coronation in 1902 and took part in the landing on Gallipoli.


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From Woodanilling to War by Louise Higham

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