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Your Child is Bright

EBC (Chich) Thornton

Why is it that so often children are full of potential as infants, and less
so as they grow older?

This book is designed for young parents who are embarking on the great adventure of bringing new people into the world. If you are a parent with a normal little boy or girl, you have a remarkable new member of the family. Your child is bright!

During his years as teacher and lecturer, Chich Thornton developed an intense curiosity about how children of all ages learn. A graduate of Cambridge University, he taught Mathematics with notable success for many years in schools and teacher training establishments in England, Scotland and Australia. In Scotland he became involved in the writing of Modern Mathematics for Schools, the well known series of textbooks. Throughout his time as teacher and lecturer he wrote and had published numerous articles on teaching and learning mathematics. He also had a particular interest in the development of language and music skills.

He became convinced that the pre-schools years are crucial for intellectual and emotional development. He believed that almost all children can be clever, given the chance.

This little book aims to help the parents of young children realise what a vital role they have to play in the life of a young person.




Your Child is Bright by EBC (Chich) Thornton
ISBN: 9781922022431
Format: Paperback 210mm x 148mm
Extent: 60 pages
RRP: $9.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Parent & child--Child development