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Z for Zanto

Jayne Lyons

Even zombies can dream

Zanto dreams of playing soccer for Real Magique. The problem is that no team wants you when you’re green and have fangs!  

Along with the rest of the zombie-kids, Zanto and his friend Nala, a stick-twirling UFC fan, are sent to The Island. They live behind high wire fences—with no hope of a future.  

When Il Presido announces the Hope Games for children, Zanto’s dream of scoring in a cup final is revived.  But first, he must lead his friends on a daring escape from The Island.  And even if they succeed, will he convince the world that being green doesn’t make him dangerous?



Hello from the author
I hope you enjoy reading Z for Zanto as much as I did writing it. I love zombie stories and sport – so what better than zombie mayhem on a footie pitch? And the great thing is, that all proceeds of this book go to the wonderful charity - Save The Children. So, if you enjoy it – tell all your friends!

About Save The Children
Save the Children Australia is one of the World’s largest aid and development organisations. We do exactly what our name says – save children’s lives.

We go to the toughest places in the world to help children devasted by disasters, disease or conflicts. Our programs improve the health of children, so they survive the critical early years of life to grow up healthy and strong. We believe the best path out of poverty starts in the classroom, so we have programs that create greater access to quality education for all boys and girls. We work to prevent children from being exposed to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

When disaster strikes and children are displaced from their homes, we give them the care and support they need, so they can continue to learn and maintain a normal life, while their communities re-build or they are re-settled.

By supporting Save the Children, you are making a real difference to the lives of millions of children – now and in the future.

About the Author

Jayne Lyons

Jayne Lyons is an internationally published, award winning children’s author who resides in Western Australia. If you enjoy Z for Zanto, you’ll love her other books, 100% Wolf and 100% Hero (Random House). Also, watch out for the 100% Wolf animated feature film to be released in 2020 by Flying Bark Productions.
You can find more information on Jayne’s website.













Z for Zanto by Jayne Lyons
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ISBN: 978-1-925952-31-5
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 256 pages
RRP: $17.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Children's Fiction
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