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12 Steps to Discover Your Destiny

Les Feast

A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Inner Purpose and Power

Where did you come from and where you are going? This is a practical and spiritual guide to discovering the true purpose of your journey through life.

Are you the product of your mother and father?

What if YOU chose them and the lessons they would give you?

Are you just physical body or an individual soul being?

How can you awaken your inner wealth?

How can you create abundance and happiness in all aspects of your life?




Not only are you a divine soul but a powerful individual who can shape and create a brilliant and wonderful life for you and those you love. This book will help you bring balance back into your life as you discover not only your true purpose but your inner source of power. You can transform your consciousness from negative to positive, from:

Competition to co-operation,

Conflict to healthy loving relationships,

Aloneness to all oneness,

Controlling others to acceptance,

Greed and exploiting others to serving,

Acquiring to giving and sharing,

Fragile health to robust health,

Worry to peace of mind, and,

Personal self to universal self.

Working through this guide, you will start to understand your purpose and discover your inner self, or ‘the inner child’, which is the blueprint of who you truly are. As your dominant thoughts become more positive, you will begin to feel connected to a greater universal love.

If you are ready to change and to find happiness and peace within, this is the book for you.




About the Author

Les Feast

Les Feast was raised in Western Australia, in a small country town, in a house his father bought—after serving in World War II—for the grand sum of 48 pounds 7 shillings and sixpence. Les was the middle child and from an early age had visions of worlds and realms beyond this one—much to the worry of his mother. As a child, he felt he did not fit in, but later this gift helped him find his true purpose.

As a professional medium and spiritual teacher, Les has travelled the world giving lectures and private sessions. In 1974 and again in 2002, Les experienced a “God moment” during his darkest hours. The second time he was in India, trying to resurrect his life from a series of disasters when Archangel Michael appeared to him in a vision. After this, Les dropped trying to succeed in the material world. With faith and trust in the Universe, he stepped off the plank and into the watery abyss, fully trusting in divine guidance and using his gifts to help others.

His workshops and private sessions are renowned and highly sought after, but he always goes where the greatest need is, for the benefit of those who sincerely want to transform their lives. To keep himself grounded he trained as a Bowen practitioner — a therapy that balances and heals the body of its aches and pains.

Les loves what he does and embraces the motto given to him by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India, which is “Love Forever, Hurt Never.” He proudly admits he talks to Angels and has produced several books and ebooks including, ”Messages from Heaven – Is Anyone Listening?” and “A Battle for Your Soul”. These are available from most online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. Les welcomes personal contact from his readers.




12 Steps to Discover Your Destiny by Les Feast
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-75-8
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Extent: 160 pages
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