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'Pre-Baked' Publishing Solutions

Fontaine Publishing Group, Vivid's parent publishing firm, offers unique 'pre-baked' publishing solution for businesses who would like to:

✓ Rocket sales
✓ Promote a new product
✓ Extend brand awareness
✓ Increase buyer spend
✓ Reward customer or employee loyalty
✓ Add value to your product or service

These can be achieved by partnering with us: we can delve into our extensive back catalogue of unique fiction & non-fiction titles to find the most perfectly suited title to customise and tie-in with your next campaign or promotion. From slapstick humour, informational guides, travelogues, nutritional and wellbeing titles, right through to poker, tea, and relationship guides, these are products that can be produced quickly as they are already 'pre-baked', and are surprisingly economical. Contact us for further information.


Customising Vivid Books

Using an existing published title, we can customise for your purposes, for example:

✓ Add new pages with additional content supplied by you.
✓ Re-format book to fit within your package, cereal box, gift pack etc.
✓ Customise paper stock, and binding to suit your budget.
✓ Create premium editions of your choice of title to provide you with an exclusive book product available nowhere else.


License Vivid Content

Would you like to utilise extracts from one of our backlist titles, re-purposed or reconfigured for your own special requirements? Whether this is for insertion in your website, digital application or other platform or use, please contact us for more information and possibilities.


Corporate Gifts

Vivid books are perfect as corporate gifts – for clients at Christmas, to congratulate a well-deserved employee, as a thank you to a customer or to celebrate a company milestone. We offer superior quality printed titles, with branded covers, that appeal to your target market and are surprisingly within your budget.


Visit our Showcase section for just a few ideas, or feel free to contact us to discuss the perfect title for your business.

* Please note: all titles are offered for use pending Author and Publisher approval.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I look for a suitable title?
Browse the Vivid website Showcase titles, and also check out Fontaine Press Top Picks.

What is minimum quantity I can order?
It depends on the title and format. Generally speaking, from 500+ books.

How much does it cost?
That will depend on a number of factors, including our agreed author royalty, format and page count. The factor that will have the most influence on cost will be the quantity ordered. Contact us for a quote.

How long will it take from the time I order the books to delivery?
Depending on quantity, format, and if there are any custom requirements, it can be from 3-10 weeks.

Can Fontaine Publishing Group help me with distribution & fulfillment services?
Absolutely - more information here: Australian Book Distribution + Fulfillment.






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