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Finding Heraan

Tim Muirhead

Speaking truth is not as simple as it sounds! - Ageres of the Stables

Finding Heraan is a tale of truth; a fable for our time.

Ageres, young and uncertain, is driven to deliver a powerful message. He must find places where the message can be heard. But, like many of us, he is beset by challenges and temptations that could hide his truths forever or, on the other hand, transform them to tyranny.

A beautifully crafted allegory, Finding Heraan encourages us to pause and reflect on how we might foster the human spirit within and around us. It calls us to search for our own way through the distractions and diversity of an often shallow and divided world. And it challenges us to develop a culture, together, where we can express ourselves courageously and remain genuinely open to the truths and values of others.


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BOOK REVIEW: Tuesday, October 11th, The West Australian TODAY section

The spiritual is strong in Muirhead’s Finding Heraan (Vivid Publishing, $18), an allegory of the development of the soul and the diverse paths to the same truths that form Muirhead's vision of a spiritually satisfying world. Full of wisdom, Muirhead’s story weaves life-enhancing insights into the journey of a stable boy who is the chosen carrier of truths to “the outer edges".





About the Author

Tim Muirhead has worked in, and written about, community development for over 30 years. In that work, he has focussed, particularly, on how we develop the human spirit in each of us and all of us, and how we ensure that our diversity enriches us rather than dividing us.

His previous book is Weaving Tapestries: A Handbook for Building Communities.
He lives in Perth, Western Australia.






Finding Heraan by Tim Muirhead
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