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Life Interrupted -
From Hurdle to Hope

Teisha Rose

Teisha Rose was just twenty-two and on a fast track to corporate success when her life was interrupted by a huge and unexpected hurdle. For the next four years she grieved for her lost dreams, caught in an avalanche of endless hospital ordeals and gruelling rehabilitation. Her devastating physical condition came to dominate her identity … until she decided to turn her hurdle into hope.

Teisha committed herself to finding joy where it seemed impossible. Turning an existence of debilitating lows into a life of exhilarating highs, she left her homeland to travel the world. She left creature comforts to help orphans overseas. She left corporate life to become a social worker among the homeless and lonely. She found new gifts, new perspectives, new homes, new friends and in an amazing set of circumstances she found love.

Teisha’s extraordinary story will break your heart, inspire you, enthral you and thrill you. Yet Life Interrupted is more than a life story. In the second part of her book, Teisha uses her unique discoveries to help you find your way through whatever might have interrupted your own dreams. Your challenges need not be as tragic as Teisha Rose's – few people’s are – but like her, you can find your way past your hurdle to a new life full of hope.

About the Author

Teisha Rose

Life Interrupted openly and honestly shares Teisha Rose’s journey with multiple sclerosis (MS). After her last relapse in 2012, Teisha began reflecting on her most recent experience. She realised that the way she felt and responded to MS and life today, was unrecognisable compared to years earlier. And this is what inspired Teisha to write a book for the first time. Teisha wanted to share her story and the insights she has gained, to impart confidence that moving beyond the darkness of a hurdle is possible.
Teisha lives on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, with her partner Andrew (and their two beautiful dogs). Having completed her book Life Interrupted, Teisha is now motivated to launch Lives Interrupted. On her journey Teisha has become increasingly aware that we all experience hurdles that interrupt our lives. It is her dream to create a community whereby we learn from each other, challenging the way we think about and experience life. Visit:

Reader Reviews

“Reading Life Interrupted could prove to be a life changing experience for those dealing with hurdles such as Teisha’s, and invaluable to all who want to change the way they deal with the obstacles that life presents.”
    — Jo

Life Interrupted is a life-enhancing, yet uncompromisingly honest, no-frills account of one woman's experience of chronic illness with all its associated stripping back, devastation, confusion, loss and pain. But it could just as easily be the story of anyone who has ever been blindsided by a catastrophic loss, an unexpected interruption that knocks you off course, strips you of any sense of self, isolates and alienates you and leaves you lost, lonely, dazed and in tears.

“The book is not superficial or saccharine but it is hope fuelled. Having experienced my own catastrophic loss – a failure that threatened to eviscerate my sense of identity and worth – I can unequivocally recommend this poised and wise read. Within its covers you might just find breath for your dry bones and the hope that life can – one day – be good again; different but good nonetheless.”
    — Linda

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