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Fontaine Publishing Group produces custom high quality hardcover books for independent authors, small and large businesss and organisations requiring a high-end premium coffee-table product to showcase their content. From small hardcover poetry chapbooks, full colour childrens books including boardbooks, through to weighty case bound coffee-table art and flexicase photographic books, book-store quality full colour hardcover book printing has never been so viable.

We can provide an end-to-end professional authoring and editing, design, publishing and printing service based on your specific requirements.


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A History of The Scots College

This 125th year anniversary publication rightly focuses on the historical growth and the many achievements of the College and in particular the impact students have made in academia, science, industry, the arts, sport and faith.

The Scots College is one of the oldest and most reputable boys' schools in Australia.

hardcover printing
Format: Hardcover with dustjacket
372pp 305mm x 260mm


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coffee-table books.

– 50 irresistible cacao-infused recipes
– Gorgeously styled and photographed
– Premium full colour coffee-table hardcover
– Comprehensive index to find the perfect recipe

John Croft shares recipes for simple enjoyment, tips on how to source the best quality ingredients, and methods to enrich and preserve food healing properties. ‘Cacao Addict’ contains 50 irresistible cacao-infused delicacies to lace your taste buds with longing. Read more.





Format: Hardcover
128pp 270mm x 195mm



Nestled in a mountainous region in central Japan is a small town called Gifu and is the home of Horikashi’s private studio. Horikashi is a tebori master; the ancient art of Japanese tattooing by hand.

This is a limited edition collectors item and a beautiful representation of Master Horikashi ‘s skill and dedication to tattoo art.

Format: Hardcover with cloth cover 168pp 340mm x 240mm » Read more




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Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance 

Across a spectacular three-day event – powered by Ferrari – guests explored the exquisite range of automobiles, enjoying Pommery Champagne as they strolled the hedge-lined paths to soak in every detail of the 33 heritage cars.

A collectible cloth-bound hardcover book about the event and the cars was distributed to participants, stake holders and guests.
Format: Hardcover
88pp 127mm x 19omm





Marty and Moog host the #1 DIY automotive show in the world, teaching motoring enthusiasts how to modify the performance and look of their own ride


The wildly successful book launch and the buying frenzy that followed resulted in massive sales, multiple reprints and two new updated editions.



Format: Hardcover
157gsm Silk Art 128pp 293mm x 227mm


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This coffee-table publication is a photographic collection commemorating MLC's 125 year anniversary, capturing the essence of the history, staff and students across the years.
The book contains a 5th colour gold ink thoughout the interior, 8pp gatefold section opening out to 994mm wide, and a slipcase with thumbcut, Scolex grained cover, varnishing and gold blocking.


Format: Hardcover with sleeve
128pp 157gsm Matt Art A4


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The iconic restaurant Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, to celebrate it's 30 year anniversary, created ‘Signature Dishes’, now Woollongong's most sought after cookbook.


Format: Flexicase
116pp 150gsm Silk Art 255 x 205mm


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Abigail's 'Fashion meets superfood in a cookbook' coffee-table chocolate recipe book has had overwhelming sell-out success.


Format: Hardcover
224pp 150gsm Matt 220 x 180mm


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This full colour photographic record of the ADF's Uruzgan tour of duty was attractively design and printed, creating a lasting record and legacy for the families and colleagues.

Format: Paperback
150gsm Monza Satin 168pp A4


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Love in Action: HEAL Africa tells the remarkable story of a thriving development partnership between CNEC Australia and HEAL Africa, a Congolese-led NGO. With a mixture of inspiring stories and stunning photography, this coffee-table book shows how the people of CNEC and HEAL Africa are working together to provide healing, health and a brighter future for thousands of individuals, families and communities. This transformative work is truly bringing healing to a nation.


Format: Hardcover with dustjacket
96pp 157gsm Matt Art A4


















Custom book printing options include:
- patterned endpapers;
- french-folded dustjacket;
- cover embellishments: spot varnish;
- embossing;
- silver / gold metallic foiling of cover;
- wide range of internal paper stocks;
- no restriction on book size;
- hardcover sleeves;
- lay-flat ability;
- plastic wrapping or custom packaging;
- CD printing and insertion;
- hand numbering for limited editions;
... and many more custom options, only limited by imagination and budget.