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Sacred Animal Activism

Vikki Koplick

A Mission of Love for Animals

Born in the 1960s, nature child Vikki knew she wanted to help animals, but due to life circumstances became an Enrolled Nurse, helping people instead. Her dreams of becoming a veterinarian and poet were long gone, as was her dream of serving the world... Until the questions "Why am I here?" and "Who am I?" prompted Vikki to search through New Age books and attend festivals to seek answers to this mystery.

In 2012, Vikki went to a festival, beginning a spiritual journey to discover her creative side and her chance to help animals. Vikki learned how to be an energy healer for herself and animals.
Vikki is also passionate about animal activism. Activism had often brought up feelings of hopelessness and rage for Vikki. She soon realised her soul had the answers to creating a better relationship with animals, because it loves unconditionally and understands polarity. Through the seminars, Vikki learned about sacred activism, which defused the anger and pain caused by ordinary activism.

In this book, Vikki shares the ways her soul and divine connection have uplifted her from rage at and hopelessness over humanity’s relationship with animals to a place of peace and joy.

About the Author

Vikki Koplick is a retired Enrolled Nurse and an energy healer for animals. She is also a clairvoyant, empath and animal whisperer, and is able to speak to the spirits of nature and animals. She lives in NSW, Australia, with her husband, dog and cat, and has a grown son and daughter (with whom she shares many horses).

Vikki’s spiritual journey has led her to find her soul’s vocation and mission – 'a mission of love for animals'. Her poetry has been published in poetry magazines. 'My Rose Petal Heart' and 'Bitterness' were published in The International Poetry Digest Monthly in September and November 2019, and 'My Rose Petal Heart' was chosen to be in the top 100 for 2019. 'Australian Brumby Love' was published by The Cambridge-Hall Poetry Journal in July 2020.

Vikki is currently planning the next book in this series. A Mission of Love for Animals: Living the Teachings. Also, a series of small poetry books. The first is titled Worlds Within Words of the Heart: The Soul Whispers Poetry.









Sacred Animal
                                    Activism - A mission of love for
                                    animals by Vikki Koplick


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ISBN: 978-1-922409-97-3 (ebook edition)
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Extent: 96 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
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