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The Running Machine

Pete Garbutt

A Users Guide

You don’t need to run every day to be a runner, you don’t even need to run fast. One of the biggest hurdles for many would-be runners, is that they have simply lost the joy that they once had; whether it was before their last injury, or when they were a child.

The Running Machine is all about reclaiming that joy. It is not about being the fastest, although many have learned to better their times with this advice. It is not about running the furthest; although many have found that they can run beyond their previous limits. Our body is a running machine. As with any machine, it suffers from misuse, or lack of use, then it underperforms and breaks down. When it is maintained well and used as it was designed, then it runs smoothly.

Use this manual as a guide to help you use your running machine again, as it was designed to be used. Rediscover how it feels to run freely, and find the long lost smile that comes with that feeling.



About the Author

Pete Garbutt

An internationally acclaimed Sports Chiropractor and public speaker, Pete Garbutt is the founder of ENHANCE Running, which now has running technicians throughout the world, helping people to run more easily and effectively. Pete lectures on topics in sports injury treatment and rehabilitation, as well as running technique and how to use technique as treatment.

Pete is the President of the International Sports Chiropractic Federation (FICS), as well as a former president of Sports Chiropractic Australia and his state branch of Sports Medicine Australia.

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The Running Machine by Pete Garbutt
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ISBN: 978-1-925590-01-2
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