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Conflict and Genocide

Dee Maguire


Genocide is an uncomfortable word, yet a word still in our vocabulary – the deliberate intent to destroy or kill a large targeted group of people. Research informs us about causative factors, but is this enough? Searching for answers through the prism of travel, and capturing meaningful insights where the conflicts occurred, creates an intimate narrative to an otherwise detached awareness.

Conflict and Genocide ventures to the Balkans, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany. It delves into the Holocaust of World War 2, and the fall of Yugoslavia.

Monstrosities that occur during war are not to be forgotten. The preservation of the notorious concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau is testament to this. Reflection commands us to know the facts, how these events occurred, and to be watchful in the future. Complacency is a dangerous collective. Uncovering our past, is not to be solely preoccupied with it, but to learn what it is we need to learn.



About the Author

Dee Maguire is an educator and program developer. She currently analyses, writes and designs education programs for a broad audience across NSW Health, Australia. She has a Master’s Degree in Education, publishing academic papers on education nationally and internationally, and published one previous book-‘In Search of Understanding: Travels with Ms. Dee’.

The author is a passionate human rights activist with particular interest in misuse of power. Her investigative approach to travel stems from a quest for answers-factors that shape us amidst our history and experience. Travel continues to fuel a realistic perspective in her role as an educator. Dee currently lives in Sydney, Australia.





Conflict and Genocide by Dee Maguire

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