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Josh and the Deacon

Malcolm Lyons

Lighting the Dark

A Searching Conversation about Faith

The story of creation, as depicted in the book of Genesis, baffled Josh. He could not come to grips with the mechanics of the process. Whenever the topic confronted him, he would find himself asking the question: how? He also had other concerns about his faith. So, when Bob, a deacon in his Church, asked him a question, Josh was inwardly pleased as he saw this as the door being opened. Yes, he could now have a discussion with the knowledgeable deacon. His probing questions kept the cordial conversation flowing. The deacon’s explanations, by way of analogy, pleasantly surprised Josh. He felt that a light had been brought into the dark areas.



About the Author

Malcolm Lyons has for many years been concerned about our socio-spiritual environment. He believes that pollution, or depletion of values that have stood the test of time, have negatively impacted on our relationships and wellbeing. He has written several opinion pieces and letters that have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The West Australian and The Record. This is Malcolm's second book published by Vivid Publishing. His first book is Eternal Moment - A brief look at the Soul's history and destiny.




Josh and the Deacon by Malcolm Lyons
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ISBN: 978-1-922565-36-5
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
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