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A Girl Has No Age

D.M. Langdon


The purification of Spirit and the unification of our Soul; this is the driving force of our Souls, a homecoming to God, our Creator. This anticipated reunion with the source of all that is drives us ever forwards, ever upwards on the progress of our Soul.

If you allow this knowledge to seep into your heart and mind and follow the wisdom of Spirit you really can’t go wrong. This book contains all that you need to ensure a spiritually productive, fruitful and happy existence. And when I meet you on the other side of life, I will be so honoured to know that I made a difference in your life, and I will surely bow to your sweet endeavours of the Soul.

Journey well, and may peace be with you, my friend.

– D.M. Langdon



About the Author

D.M Langdon is a Medium who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

'A Girl Has No Age' is a pure collaboration with Spirit and contains spiritual wisdom of the highest order; the ancient wisdom of the 'Word'.

This wisdom will change your life. You will understand the purpose of your being, and the 'Word' will set you free.

Sacred is the truth that calls your name.

Sacred is the new day dawning that seeks to set love free.

Sacred is the time spent in blissful surrender to God.

For when the cock crows and the timing is not right,

this wisdom will lead the way in understanding the changes that draw near,

the legacy of light, and the future of humankind in all its glory.

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A Girl Has No Age by D.M. Langdon
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ISBN: 978-1-925846-86-7
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 88 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Spirit writings -- Channeling
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